This morning my time hop gave me a reminder of how I’ve struggled with my weight and binge eating over the past three years.  

It kind of makes me sad. It also motivates me. But I also know that I have to love and accept myself at 238 pounds so that I will accept myself through this entire journey. 

Today was a good day. I tracked all of my food and got 30 minutes on the elliptical. Yesterday and Friday, not so much. Though I’m not calling it a binge. Just some food decision that aren’t really weight loss friendly. 

Live made the following goals for this week:

1) 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables

2) Start training program for the 5k I am registered to run in April

3) Finish the week binge free.   

I wish everyone a happy and productive week!



Today is Thursday January 28th, 2016 and I have been binge free for 7 days. This also marks one week since I decided to start this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read, followed, and liked my posts. It is a little nudge of encouragement that tells me that this was the right move. If I can give even one person encouragement and inspiration from this blog, the whole thing is worth it to me.

One week may not seem like a very big milestone for some people, but for me getting to the 1-week point is a big deal. In the past six months or so I have been able to focus on an eating plan for about 4-5 days or so and then I would binge. Rinse and repeat. An even bigger deal will be when I hit 14 days.

This is what success has looked like for me this week:

  1. I have started tracking all of my food. I have not been overly strict with my calorie allowance, but everything I eat I am tracking. I am using My Fitness Pal, so if you’re on there feel free to look me up (sarabeth414).
  2. I have navigated through two work related lunches, an office birthday, and a meal out with friends. The meal with friends was pizza, so I feel like I get bonus points for not bingeing on pizza.
  3. I have cut back drastically on my one extremely hard to kick habit – Diet Coke. This week I have averaged about one can every other day. Which is quite the reduction from several diet cokes a day. It would not be uncommon for me to not consume any water in the day and my only liquid consumption would be Diet Coke.
  4. Speaking of water, I am drinking it….a lot of it. I think I am getting extra activity just by going to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. I have a large 30 oz cup that I keep at my desk at work. I like a lot of ice, so I am guessing each time I fill that cup up it is 24 oz. I try to fill it up 3 times during my work day.
  5. I have been consistent with my physical activity. I took one day off this week and that day off I feel like my body really needed. Lately my heels and my calves have been bothering me when running on the treadmill and doing the elliptical/arc trainer. I am going to get into a habit of stretching; however, I think it might be more related to my shoes that are now a year old and probably need replacing

In addition to being binge free for a week I have also lost 5 pounds. This is kind of unreal to me. I am NOT cutting back big time on calories (1930 per day), but this is a similar weight loss number that I would see when I was eating 1200-1400 calories a day. I am really trying to not become a slave to the scale again, but the weight loss is a goal that I have and I think that a scale can be a tool used in weight loss.

I am excited for my success this far and am excited to build upon the foundation that has been set.

Idle Hands

I am very nervous about today. I am home with a sick kid. In the past this has been a license to binge. This would normally be brought on by exhaustion and stress. I have a plan in place and am optimistic that I will be able to make this my fourth binge free day. I have just finished my protein rich breakfast and am chugging my water. I have learned that protein and water make a big difference in keeping my appetite in check which in turns helps me avoid binges.

I did make the time this morning to get a workout in. I spent 50:00 on the Arc Trainer while watching one of my favorite shows “Chicago Med”.