It’s been awhile

To say “It’s been awhile” is a gross understatement. Its been something like 7 months since my last post. In the past my silence would be an indicator that I have seriously fallen off the wagon, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. So what have I been up to?

Binge Eating and Weight Loss

4x4-progress-sara-2016In January of this year I was very discouraged. I felt like I was trapped in a lifetime of binge
eating and would never make progress in my weight loss. In February I really started focusing on NOT bingeing and cleaned up my diet. We eliminated a lot of processed foods from our diet and I think that played a big part in my progress. I cut out diet soda completely (this was a huge deal) and started to exercise more consistently. Since February I have lost 47 pounds and have taken back the control that food once had over my life. It hasn’t always been easy and I still have moments of weakness, but I am very far from the cycle of perpetual binge eating that I had slipped into in January.


I know in my previous posts I had explained that I really wanted to get serious about running. This has become a reality in the past several months. In April I ran my first 5k. I was slow but I finished in about 51 minutes. Since that first race I have finished four 5K races, improving my time each race.

In June I decided to start playing with longer distances, and now I am training for my first 10K that will be on Sunday September 25th. I am really excited about this race. I would have never thought that 8 months ago I would be running a 10K this year.

Giving Back

I have been reaching out to women in my life that I know struggle with some of the same issues that had me so defeated earlier this year. Sometimes you just need to know that there is hope, and I am finding great satisfaction in helping others.

Also, I have started documenting my day to day journey mainly on instagram (look for sarabethjonesfitness). I have also moved my blogging efforts over to I plan on moving this blog over to the wordpress platform this week as WIX is not really blogging friendly. I really would love to have you follow my progress there for those who are interested.