Best Laid Plans

This morning is Sunday and I set my alarm for 5:30AM so that I could get to the gym for a work out before heading to church with the family. Last week my running intervals were 2:15 walk and 0:45 run, and today my plan was to move it to 2:00 walk and 1:00 run for 30 minutes followed by 20:00 of strength training. I was doing pretty well until about minute 13 and I remembered that I had not used the restroom this morning before getting on the treadmill at the gym. I made it to 15:00 and then ran to the restroom narrowly avoiding an embarrassing  moment on the treadmill.

Afterwards I decided I would just use the 15:00 as a cardio warm up and spent the rest of my time at the gym strength training. I hadn’t done strength training in awhile, I forgot how exhausting it can be.

Now I am sitting at our kitchen table at home eating breakfast (2 cups of cabbage, 4 slices of bacon, and 2 eggs – delicious!!!). Today will be my third binge free day in a row.


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